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"Career academies are designed to prepare students for both college and careers. They are schools within schools that link students with peers, teachers, and community partners in a structured environment that fosters academic success. The career academy concept has three key elements:

  • A small learning community (SLC)
  • A college-prep sequential curriculum with a career theme
  • An advisory board that forges partnerships with employers, higher education institutions, and the community" (National Career Academy Coalition)

Florence High School is home to two career academies:  the FHS Medical Science Academy and the TEAM Business Academy. The Medical Science Academy began in the fall of 2011 and the TEAM Academy followed in the fall of 2012. With the completion of the bond issue improvements at FHS in 2021, additional academies will be introduced and implemented.

For more information about FHS career academies or to inquire about serving on an advisory board, call 601.845.2205.