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Flu Shots 2019

The Rankin County School District nurses will be at FHS on Friday, Oct. 18 to give flu shots to students.  If you would like for your student to be vaccinated, please do the following:  1.) Read the vaccine information statement from the CDC for the influenza vaccine below; 2.) Complete the consent form (ONE PER PERSON) linked below; 3.) Make check or money order payable to Brandon Discount Drugs (BDD) for the amount of $25.00. Include a driver’s license number, current address and phone number on your check (ONE CHECK PER PERSON); 4.) Staple payment to the consent form (below) and return them to the Front Office by Wednesday, October 9, 2019.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Clark ( or 601-845-2205).

Information Letter

Vaccine Information Statement

Vaccine Consent Form